Below are only a few selected comments that people left in our comment book on the day of the mural party. Our book was filled with words of gratitude and wishes to see more such projects in Vancouver in the near future. Thank you all for kind words.

Art is life, our streets are where we play – wonderful idea to bring it all together!
Spencer Chandra Herbert, MLA

Oh my god, what an amazing concept. What a beautiful way to bring our community together. Adults, kids, singles, families, pets :). Everyone talking to one another…Gorgeous. Thank you. More please.

This is the greatest community-building, public art, traffic-calming project ever! Two huge thumbs up.
Andrew Curran

Thank you so much! I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a bit of my Sunday afternoon. Sunshine, colours, smiles & laughter. Love West End!

Have not seen the finalized project yet but looks amazing so far. I hope more of these kinds are done throughout the ciyt. First class!

Great idea. Need to do more. Other parts of the city should take this as an example.

Wonderful way to build community.

Beautiful! A great way to brighten our neighbourhood. Especially in the dull winters. More please!
Rowan Brown

Thanks so much! What I love about it is that it makes a grey day shine and made me smile when I was tired.
Mario F.

It brightens up dreary Vancouver days! I can’t wait to bike over this colourful, beautiful street!

Thank you very much for bring colour to my street, just living in front of the art work make my view so beautiful, specially with summer finishing, it’s cool.

Love the sense of community, the co-operation, the “good spirit” collectively. This sort of project should be everywhere!
John Watt & Livina Hiacith

Wonderful colourful cheer for the hood. Thank you! And it was huge fun to participate.
Megan Campbell

This is community building at it’s finest! So happy to participate!

Looks beautiful! Please paint more around the West End. I’d love to see it on other local streets too. Great initiative!
Scott Erdman