I would like to thank everyone who participated in the first set of West End Mural meetings and whose presence made those meetings joyful and fun. It was fantastic getting to know everyone personally. Working together towards selecting mural concepts through discussion, play and art was the best way I could think of to connect to the amazing people that live in the West End and celebrate our community.

Our last June meeting was quite playful and productive. We selected 3 concepts out of 26 that we felt were most representative of the West End community and we narrowed it down to:

  1. Nature/City
  2. Vibrant energy
  3. Multicultural diversity

We then created four big pieces of collaborative art that explore visual elements and describe those concepts.

I will now be working on artistic interpretation of these concepts through July. At the beginning of August, we will meet again to discuss the mural designs and choose the one we all think best represents the spirit of West End. Until then, have a wonderful, sunny July and see you all soon.